Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sophie and the Packers

Last week, our apartment became empty. In preparation for our next post, all of our stuff in Congo was packed up and put into shipping crates. The next time we see our belongings will be in Kenya. Luckily, we do not have to do any of the hard labor ourselves. The embassy sent a team of 4 Congolese workers and they boxed it all up. As per usual in Congo, the packers were terrified of Sophie but she remained intent on winning them over. Both she and Emery supervised the pack out and made sure the movers used enough bubble wrap. Sophie seemed to take her job very seriously and kept a very close eye on the entire operation.

Very proud of her work...

Sophie lays down for one last snuggle on her bed before it goes into a box...

Monitoring one of the movers very closely.

Sophie ensures there is no slacking. And confirms her toys are properly taken care of. She runs a tight ship.

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