Monday, July 18, 2011

Au Revoir Congo: Part I

I have been the a pretty negligent blog updater lately. I should have done better but somehow the motivation just didn't happen until

In Congo news, the biggest update is that I am no longer there. Henry and Sophie are still in Kinshasa, but I left in early June. I was really sad to go and wanted to stay and leave with Henry and Sophie but we ultimately decided it was best for me + baby to come back when I did. It was a really difficult good-bye for me. Congo kicked my butt on many a day but it also was an incredible experience. We made amazing friends and all in all, despite some of the hardships, it was a great 2 years.

If you asked me 10 (heck, 3) years ago if I could ever imagine living in Congo, the answer would have been a scoffing no. Even 2 years ago, when we first moved to Kinshasa, I never thought I would miss it as much as I do. When we first arrived, I was ready to turn right around and hop on the next flight back. For the first month, I didn't even want to unpack my suitcase because that meant that we were actually going to be living in Congo for the next two years. But, we settled in. We adjusted to Congo (some of us slower than others) and, while it was challenging, it was also unforgettable.

Henry and Sophie will be leaving Kinshasa this month and it's hard to believe our Congo time is coming to a close. I'll be posting some more updates from Congo soon but we will also continue the blog from the States and when we move to Kenya next fall. And who knows, maybe we will visit Congo again sometime. Or perhaps not.

One last burning pile of trash before I leave...