Wednesday, May 11, 2011

South Africa (again)

Back in Congo after another quick trip down to South Africa . This was our second trip to Pretoria in the last 2 months and, minus the Congo travel experience (will fill you in on that later), it was another great visit. More great food, accommodations, first worldy-ness and...maternity care.

Yep, maternity care. We are expecting a little baby boy around Labor Day and could not be happier. Who wouldn't want to be pregnant in Congo? Jokes aside, we are thrilled but as you might expect, prenatal care is not exactly thriving in Congo. There is a med unit at the embassy but we also travel to South Africa for some of the bigger appointments and screenings, thus our recent trip. The medical care in South Africa is excellent and the hospital we went to is outstanding. We had a great appointment and loved the doctor (with the fun Afrikaans accent). All in all, totally worth the travel and definitely on par with US standards. In some ways, I would even say I liked the South African care better (gasp!) than what I experienced in the States because of the long personal appointment and the doctor does the ultrasounds herself. But let's be honest, either one is perfectly fine - States or South Africa - just as long as it's not Congo!

Henry and I are very excited and happy and, though it does change our Congo to Nairobi timeline a bit, we will figure it all out...eventually. So anyways, that's the latest news! Thanks for all the well wishes. We are so grateful that things are going well and looking forward to spending some time back in the States.
Pretoria East Hospital...

Our doctor's office...

Baby boy!

A kicking little leg!

Sucking his thumb...

Waving hello.