Monday, April 4, 2011

Henry the Mundele plays soccer

Let's see if you can spot Henry?

One Saturday, we went to watch the US-Embassy Kinshasa All Stars (previously seen here) play in a tournament and, in an unexpected turn of events, Henry went from spectator to participant.

Though a little unprepared, Henry managed to find a pair of golf shoes in the car, they handed him a jersey and he was ready to go. As he was playing, my friend and I would occasionally hear a "ha, look at the mundele!" and "watch the mundele!" on the sidelines from the all-Congolese crowd watching the match.

When Henry stepped out on the field, a group of at least 50 Congolese children started following and grouping around him, chanting "Zidane! Zidane! Welcome Zidane!" in Lingala, the local language. Apparently, they thought he looked like (or perhaps actually was) Zinedine Zidane, a French soccer player who also happens to be pale of skin and bald of head. Either way, it was fun to watch.

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