Thursday, March 31, 2011


A couple weekends ago we went to Kisantu with some friends. Kisantu is a botanical garden about 2.5 hours away from Kinshasa. The drive out is always interesting and somewhat death-defying. In Congo, there is no such thing as "your side of the road" and there is many a near head-on collision, usually involving some sort of sharp turn, high speeds, a steep incline, and a large dump truck filled with produce, goats, and people. But oh well to that, road safety is overrated.

We had a really nice and relaxing afternoon at Kisantu. As a person who is usually slightly unimpressed with plant life (It's not like I'm anti-garden but, to me, one plant is pretty much the same as another), I have to say, Kisantu is very pretty and it is a great place to walk around. Fun Sunday field trip in the Congo.

Leaves, Congo style.
Sophie is completely oblivious to the large crocodile right next to her. So much for doggy sense. She would last 4 minutes in the wild.

Bonehead is still unaware of any potential threat to her wiggly puppy bod. And it's not like the fence is all that secure. In fact, given the right motivation, I am pretty sure a crocodile could figure out how to break through to the waiting snack on the other side. Time to move on.

"If not for the small hassle of the little wire fence, that skinny little noodle dog would be mine" - The croc

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