Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Congo Update

-I am trying to download the latest episode of Lost from itunes. Currently, the download has 348 hours left. How depressing is that?

-Today is extremely hot and humid. Shocking, I know, since we live on the equator. But I feel like it's worth mentioning because today seems especially equator-ey. I miss the cool east coast weather.

-Congo has turned me into an online shopping extraordinaire. Mostly out of neccessity, but partly because it's fun, I now buy everything online. Clothes, dvds, books, groceries, shampoo...you name it. I used to confuse Amazon with Ebay and never used either because I thought (ridiculously) that I would end up with a box of paper clips instead of the pair of jeans I ordered. Now I am an Amazon addict. Seriously. I am 2 purchases away from needing a 12 step program.

Though I do have one bone to pick with Amazon. Anyone who uses Amazon is probably familiar with their thing called the "PayPhrase". This is a feature on Amazon that let's you assign a phrase (like "Our Africa Address") to particular payment and shipping information for fast checkout. When you go to Amazon, they like to suggest possible PayPhrases for you in a little box on the side of the website. I believe their suggestions are randomly generated. But lately I question this as two of the recent suggestions for me have been "Jenn's Short Legs" and "Jenn's Sweet Dump". Honestly!? What the heck. I think I may be a little offended.

-Apparently, while I was away, a movie theatre opened in Kinshasa. It will be interesting to see what is playing there. Probably not Avatar in 3D.

-Exciting news. The Lost download is now at 112 hours. Things are looking up.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Back in Congo


I am back in Congo.

Just as peachy as I left it.

On the plus side, I am beyond happy to be back with Henry and Sophers. It had been awhile. Also, I came back to find a wickedly awesome gretting from our domestique, Emery. Along with flowers, he made a little sign that read:

Madame Jennifer.
I wish you, me, Boss Henry, and my family Good Come Back.
Thank you. Emery.

Love that guy.

On the minus side, I have not been able to get on board with Congo time at all since returning. After the 2 days of traveling and the time change, I am completely off any type of sleep schedule. I have been staying up all night - wide awake - and then falling asleep during the day, usually midst some sort of activity. This narcoleptic/vampire behavior will hopefully come to an end soon.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Congo Glossary: Mango Worms

For all the future travelers to Congo (you know you want to), here is one of the especially charming things you might want to know about.

Mango Worms

This could be one of my worst bug nightmares come to life.

Mango worms are actually flies and they are horrible little jerks that lay their eggs on damp and wet surfaces. If you touch or brush against where the eggs have been laid, the eggs can burrow into your skin to lovingly "incubate". A few days later, you will notice painful bump-like things on your skin. Good news, this is a little maggot growing inside. I have heard that the solution to this problem includes covering the bumps with vaseline to "suffocate the worm out" which then allows you to pop the maggot out like a gross and evil pimple.

Worms. Wriggling around and throwing parties under your skin until they are ready to make their grand entrance. It's horrifying. Do I need to say more? It's like Satan and Osama Bin Laden got together and devised these little bugs as a plan to personally torment me.

When I first learned about Mango worms, I was convinced I already had them and could picture them popping out of my eyeballs at lightening speeds. Thankfully, that was not the case, and I have avoided the Mango worm experience thus far and hope to continue this trend for the duration of our Congo stay. I am fairly certain that if I ever acquire the Mango worm situation, I am going to need a medically induced coma and/or a weapons-grade sedative.

I really despise bugs.