Monday, November 15, 2010

On the River

Sunday: Spent the afternoon out on the Congo River again with some friends. We drove two of the embassy boats to Petit Paradis (previously visited here), a restaurant about an hour up the river. In typical Congo fashion, restaurant service was pretty abysmal but that is to be expected and it was still fun nonetheless. On the way back, one of the boats broke the sun was setting. And who wouldn't want to be stuck on the Congo River in the dark? Luckily, we were not too far from the marina and sent one boat back to fetch the supplies to repair the problem and all was well.

Another way to travel on the river...a very slow way to travel on the river.

One of the sandbars. Last Sunday, we spent the day here. Henry tried wake boarding and went tubing. Lots of Congo water inhaled but, as of this moment, no notable side effects to report. As for me, I have decided my swimming-in-the-Congo days are done. People tell me that it is perfectly safe but my bug phobia begs to differ.

Beautiful countryside...

Congo sunset...