Saturday, November 27, 2010

Nairobi is Lovely - Kenya Part 1

Henry and I just returned from a week in Kenya and, coming from Kinshasa, I must say, Nairobi is one sparkly little African gem.

Nairobi weather is cool and dry and there were hardly any mosquitos. Congo is hot hot hot, it feels like 300% humidity, and my legs look like that of the Elephant Man thanks to all the mosquito bites.

Nairobi has things like working traffic lights, shopping malls (avec actual food courts and coffee shops), resort hotels, office parks, safari, and taxis that one can use without expected robbery, assault or death. Kinshasa has none of the above, although, in fairness, Kinshasa does have a couple of traffic lights but they are more of a novelty versus a part of an actual functioning traffic system.

To be sure, Nairobi is still Africa and it's not all bunnies and cartwheels. There is still extreme poverty, disease, crime, security issues, and problems but, as one Kenyan said to me, and which I think sums it up pretty well, "Kenya is just more civilized than DRC". Agreed.

We spent 4 days in Nairobi and then drove down to Masai Mara to go on safari. Which was incredible. And which I will post about next...

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