Saturday, November 6, 2010

Goat murder!

There is murder in the neighborhood.

Apparently, our next door neighbors are having a party tonight. And, apparently, there is going to be goat on the menu.

This afternoon, I was on our back balcony filling up water pitchers from the distiller and throwing some laundry in the washer when I heard a horrible cry. Is it a person? Is it...who knows what in Congo? Maybe it's nothing. Back to the laundry. But then, again...the horrible Baa-aaaa-ARGHHHHH! Wtf?

I scan the Republican Guard soldiers to the left...nothing. One is peeing in a bush and the other is twirling his AK-47. All clear there. I check out the neighbors directly behind us. All clear. Then I spot our neighbors to the right. And it's not pretty.

One little goat is being held down. There is previously cut- up meat on the driveway. There are more innocent little goats watching the carnage. I've seen enough.

Now, I'm a full on omnivore. So it's not like I don't know how hypocritical this sounds. But goats are cute and tubby and have short legs! But anyway, that's that. Saturday in Congo. Less Crate and Barrel, more goat massacre.

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