Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Oh...hello there

So, as we all know and can clearly see by the useful archive/date column to the right (--->), the blog has been sadly unproductive lately. Let's just go ahead and blame it on France and the United States. It was a combined effort and I was happily unable to resist the distractions.

This week I head back to Congo and, I dare say, the blog entries will pick up again. Not that this information really impacts the life of anyone. But, there you go.

Today, I started to pack for the trip back. I'm no mathematician but it's beginning to look like I have too many things to fit into two suitcases. And I can't seem to stop adding to the "things to go back" pile. Since being back in the States, I've been one continuous economic stimulus. I can't even help myself in places like Target. Things just fall into the cart. Hence the current stockpile of random things for our Congo use. My bounty, in part, includes: toothpaste, underwear, shampoo, Halloween candy, face wash, and running shoes. But, of all the stuff I have acquired, there is one thing I am really happy to bring back: a suit for Emery. Emery and I were talking one day about how expensive suits were in Congo and I took the opportunity to buy one for him while I was home. Avec pinstripes. He wants it to wear to church and I think he will look dapper.

So, for now, I bask in the perfect New England weather, fall foliage, and family time. Tomorrow I prepare to return to Africa. See you soon, Congo. You and all your rainy season hotness and aromatic splendor.

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