Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Congo Update

- Back in Congo again. Things are good. Flights felt long. Airports in Boston and Paris could not be more different than the airport in Kinshasa. But more on that later. Emery made me another welcome home sign and cemented his awesomeness even more so in my mind (the first welcome sign).

- Though I am happy (in certain ways) to be back in Congo, I really do miss the fall back home. One has fire places and cool weather. The other has burning trash piles and hot humidity. One has apple picking. The other has life-threatening* falling mangos. One has cute fall clothes and boots. In the other, wearing layers can cause heat stroke. I could go on. I leave it to you to determine which is which.

- This Friday, the Marines are hosting a big embassy Halloween party. This year I am going as a Native American and Henry is going as "Henry with lots of hair" via a first class "Mississippi mud-flap" wig. It is important to note, dressing up in random bizarre costumes does not make us Americans look sane to the Congolese.

- Last week I gave Emery his suit and he was so grateful and happy to have it. He said, "Now, people will think I am president!". He told me it fits well and one day he will wear it over to our house.

- The rainy season is on. Last night there was a big storm and this morning Sophie decided it would be a good idea to amuse herself by jumping and rolling around in all the puddles like a maniac. She came back from the run very pleased with herself but completely covered in Congo mud from head to paw. Thankfully, though not without difficulty and a Jenn vs. Sophie wrestling match, she is now freshly laundered and smells like a coconut.

*Not really all that threatening

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Oh...hello there

So, as we all know and can clearly see by the useful archive/date column to the right (--->), the blog has been sadly unproductive lately. Let's just go ahead and blame it on France and the United States. It was a combined effort and I was happily unable to resist the distractions.

This week I head back to Congo and, I dare say, the blog entries will pick up again. Not that this information really impacts the life of anyone. But, there you go.

Today, I started to pack for the trip back. I'm no mathematician but it's beginning to look like I have too many things to fit into two suitcases. And I can't seem to stop adding to the "things to go back" pile. Since being back in the States, I've been one continuous economic stimulus. I can't even help myself in places like Target. Things just fall into the cart. Hence the current stockpile of random things for our Congo use. My bounty, in part, includes: toothpaste, underwear, shampoo, Halloween candy, face wash, and running shoes. But, of all the stuff I have acquired, there is one thing I am really happy to bring back: a suit for Emery. Emery and I were talking one day about how expensive suits were in Congo and I took the opportunity to buy one for him while I was home. Avec pinstripes. He wants it to wear to church and I think he will look dapper.

So, for now, I bask in the perfect New England weather, fall foliage, and family time. Tomorrow I prepare to return to Africa. See you soon, Congo. You and all your rainy season hotness and aromatic splendor.