Monday, August 23, 2010

Congo Update

-Yesterday we went on another HASH run. While running by the villages, many of the people pointed and laughed. I'm fairly certain they were mostly laughing at us and not with us. Frequently, I will have a "Oh-I-forgot-I-actually-live-in-Congo" moment and running through the rural Congo countryside and down local sandy trails with Congolese people laughing at me is definitely one of those moments.

-In woebegone news, the Michael Jackson statue is gone! We drove by the other day and all that remained was a sad little MJ shaped imprint in the sand. I can only hope it is missing to be replaced by a bigger and better statue of Michael Jackson. Anything else will be a disappointment.

-The Kinshasa 50 Cent concert is back on. We have seen actual billboards promoting Mr. Cent. And, as we all know, billboards never lie. This week we are going to attempt to buy tickets again. Round #2.

-In 3 weeks, Henry and I will be in France! We are planning to spend 2 weeks in Côte d'Azur and a couple days in Paris. To say I am very very excited is an understatement. Sorry Kinshasa, but I am not overly sad to leave you for a little bit. French Riviera vs. Kinshasa...French Riviera vs. Kinshasa...hmmm, sorry Kinshasa, you lose.

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