Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Back to Zongo

Last weekend we went back to Zongo Falls with some friends. This time we decided to stay overnight at the Seli Safari Zongo resort. At the resort, there are three options: bungalow cabins, room suites, and a campground. We chose the rooms and they were actually very nice and it was another really great and relaxing escape from Kinshasa.

Standing on the edge of the falls. Pictures do not accurately show the magnitude of the falls or how wobbly my knees were. One slip and it would be a permanent bon voyage. We asked the local guides if anyone ever fell over and they said "oui, all the time". I asked if the people who fell over all died and the guides responded, "oui, of course".

The view from our room. The paillotes are right on the water and have tables and grills.

Henry sitting on the edge and I am definitely not thrilled with his proximity to tumbling over and becoming "another mundele who went over the falls". As I reminded Henry, what if he lost his balance? Or what if a Congo gorilla came charging out of the woods and pushed him over? It could happen.

Our room. It was a happy surprise to find out how nice it was. I had no idea what to expect when we reserved the suite. Having participated in our previous Congo camping experience, I came over prepared with sleeping bags, flashlights, and toilet paper.

A real bathroom! Vast improvement from the "hole in the ground" and the "pee floor". Thank you, Baby Jesus.

Leaving Zongo and heading back down the rutted and rugged road...

Mundele is what some of the Congolese call foreigners. It supposedly means something like "person without skin" to explain people with lighter complexions. This is what someone told me anyways. It may or may not be accurate.

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