Thursday, July 8, 2010

Congo Update

- A couple weeks ago Henry and I participated in our first HASH run. HASH is a worldwide running group that combines running and drinking to create one heck of a Sunday afternoon. On this HASH, we drove outside of the city and ran in the (hilly) countryside. During the run, some nearby village kids ran with us. They ran fast and had no shoes. I ran slow and had shoes. Rather humbling, but there it is.

-50 Cent is coming to Kinshasa on July 24th. And according to my husband, we are going to the concert. By the way, the number of 50 Cent concerts we attended, or wanted to attend, in the States: 0. But hey, it's something to do. I'd probably go see Michael Bolton if he came to Congo.

-Recent things I bought on Amazon include: Cheerios, apple sauce (pack of 36 no less), Taboo, a 3000 piece puzzle (feeling extra wild that day), gummy bears (which arrived melted together in one gigantic gummy blob), True Blood season 2 (!), 8 lbs. free weights, Pirate Booty, and a shoe rack. This list seems a little sad as I write it out. It's also a bit pitiful how receiving apple sauce in the mail is now exciting. Imagine the joy when the English muffins arrive.

-Sad news on the chubby wooden hippo front. After a short stint in the freezer (to kill off any potential bugs in the wood) I removed my newly bought hippo from his temporary ice age hibernation to begin a new life on my end table. But, unfortunately, Congo humidity was a big B and, shortly after resettling, my hippo suffered a large crack in his tubby belly. I'm going to try to perform some cosmetic surgery later today.

-This morning Sophie received a 5 minute belly rub from Beefy, the gardener. I am beginning to question if his name really is "Beefy". I am hearing conflicting reports. I even asked Beefy himself if "Beefy" was his name. He said "yes". But then later he said "no". And then he just nodded. Not sure what that means. But, fear not, I am nothing if not a good sleuth. I'll get to the bottom of this mystery. Case #001. Subject: the alleged Beefy. Status: unsolved.

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  1. I never got to see a picture of the chubby wooden hippo! Where are the pics?!