Friday, June 18, 2010

Great Wall of Pee Pee

This is the Great Wall of Pee Pee. Well, at least that's what we've heard it called (among other variations on the ending). It's right around the corner from where we live and a visibly popular place for locals to pee on their way to work. And on the way home. And while on a walk. It always seems to be in use by someone(s). It surprises me more when we pass the wall and there is no one peeing. For a little while we saw corn growing at the wall and that was disturbing. No one wants pee wall veggies.

I would show a picture of the Pee Wall in use, but I'm pretty sure it's not nice to take pictures of people while they go potty and then post them on your blog. Even if it is kinda funny and in public.

...And now I've written a blog entry about pee. I expect it to be the last.

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