Tuesday, June 29, 2010

30 June

This week the DRC celebrates 50 years of independence. Sure there is heightened security, possible unrest, and insane traffic. But the most impressive product of the anniversary is the rush to complete certain improvements before the guests of importance arrive, such as the King of the Belgians. Like a true procrastinator, DRC worked up until the very last second; painting buildings, walls, and road lines, paving, and hanging flags all over the place.

As the dash to revivify the city concludes, it all seems like a bit of a sham. It's like your house is a mess and people are coming over so you shove everything that will fit in a closet and the rest in the stove. But better something than nothing.

It is such a momentous occasion that they even turned on the street lights, though this probably means that there is no power somewhere else in Kinshasa. It's pretty much an absolute certainty that the lights will go out again once the independence celebration is over. You can only have fun for so long.

Please also note the pavement and road lines. Painted by hand with TLC.


  1. That highway picture looks like it could be anywhere! What a difference pavement and street lights make...

  2. The boulevard is truly shocking. Makes me want to drive up and down it in my cool SUV trolling for a hot Congolese man. Oh wait, I already have one of those :)