Monday, May 24, 2010

Zongo Falls

On Saturday we went on a day trip to Zongo Falls with some friends. Zongo Falls is located about 3.5 hours away in the Province of Bas Congo, although it can take much longer to get there depending on traffic and road conditions.

We left Kinshasa very early. As we drove through the villages, some of the children would chase our car and yell "Mundele!" (which, I have been told, basically means "foreigner"). The road out to Zongo was one of the worst yet but the Falls were really incredible. Though not terribly high, the volume and force of the water is quite breathtaking. It would not be a good idea to go over Zongo Falls in a barrel.

The road out to Zongo...hours of bone-jarring and concussion-filled fun.

Henry at the "natural" shower.

The tunnel behind Henry apparently leads to a nearby village...Surprise, villagers!

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  1. Any chance we can exchange a couple of emails about life, especially the outdoors, in Kinshasa?

    My wife and I are considering a move with our dogs to the area. Especial want to know if they are any cliffs, we're both rock climbers. This waterfall looks great, we're love hiking too.

    Hope to hear from you: elacoste at