Thursday, May 27, 2010

Congo Update

-It seems Congolese people are not convinced that Michael Jackson is really dead. Recently, I have been involved in two separate conversations that revolved around the idea that MJ is still alive and setting tour dates. One of these discussions was with Emery. He said neighbors knocked on his door and asked him to "question the Americans". To which I answered: Malheureusement, Michael Jackson est mort. Mort comme Elvis. Glad to be of service. I'm here all day.

-Recent T-shirt sightings: Terry Glen Patriots jersey, Abercrombie and Fitch All Star Team, a pink Hello Kitty (worn by a guy, not that I am making any judgements), Northfield High JV Soccer, Obama Vote for Change, Southern Pride, and a 2003 Yankees ALCS t-shirt (blah).

-Funny Congo story. In April, while traveling down the Congo River, a Spanish doctor was kidnapped by rebels who shaved all his body hair off for "magical powers". How does that spell recipe go? 2 tsp cayenne pepper, 1 cup Bonobo monkey poo, 2 handfuls of hair from the white man's body, a pinch of salt?

-AFN (American Armed Forces television) is finally fixed and back on. It's been great to have the news and a link back to the US again. And other very important cultural staples like American Idol and Dancing with the Stars (note heavy sarcasm). One of the most entertaining parts of AFN are the commercials. AFN commercials are mostly PSAs that cover things like how to marry a host country national or gambling or depression or how to not overload a surge protector. Most involve a little skit or a dancing cartoon and what's not to like about that?

-So far, it has been a good month for Congo utilities (knock on wood). The power has gone out only a few times and the water has stayed on. Yay.


  1. I do miss me some AFN commercials. When I lived in Germany on base, we LOVED to make up our own AFN commercials or mock the loveliest ones when we were out on the town. I love the seatbelt ones. Oh and the passport one reminding you to always know where your passport is and never give it up.

  2. Ha, I think my recent favorite has to be one that starts with "uncle joe overloading the power strip" and ends with him, somehow, "breaking both his legs". Or the one that gives 3 ways to stop your friend from committing sexual assault. All good things to know!

  3. do they still have the "name that state!" quiz? it will often start with something like: "the Ohio river runs through this midwestern state.." and the answer is...Ohio!