Wednesday, May 5, 2010


A couple of weeks ago at the art exhibition, a Congolese man, who works at the Ambassador's residence, saw the painting I did of the boy fishing on the river. His name is Bruno and he got very emotional about the painting because, he said, it depicted a scene very similar to his childhood. Bruno grew up fishing on the Congo River and now works as the head butler for the American Ambassador. In Congo, fishing can be a vital part of a family's survival. He told me that he does not have any pictures of his childhood and asked, if at all possible, could he somehow buy the painting from me.

Bruno's response was really moving. In regards to tears, I am normally afraid people are going to cry at how awful the work is. Of course, I really wanted to give Bruno the painting. The only obstacle was that I already promised it to someone else. So, I decided to paint the scene again.

I finished today and gave him the painting. Especially for something so small, I have never seen someone so grateful. It really made my day.

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