Sunday, April 25, 2010

Weekend Review

Art exhibition at the Ambassador's residence. It was a really nice afternoon. Music from a school choir, drinks, and art all over the place. Unexpected? Being interviewed (in French with help from a translator) by a Congolese TV station. In all probability, the interview will never make it to the grainy Congolese small screen. However, if it does, it will be the second time Henry and I have made the Congolese news. Emery, our domestique, told me he saw us one night on TV when we were attending a reception at the Japanese Ambassador's residence. News is apparently very very slow in Congo.

After the art show we went over a friend's house for Indian food and alcohol. Of all things to have, Kinshasa has very good Indian food. I bet you didn't guess that.

Typical Congo weekend day. Tennis, pool, and shopping for overpriced groceries at the markets.

Saturday night we went to a fundraiser dinner/dance. The event raised money to help build a school in a remote section of Congo. So, we drank wine. For the kids. As they say, it was hard, but someone had to do it.

More pool, more tennis. Sunday evening bbq by pool. Another weekend in Kinshasa.

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