Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Congo Utilities: Fail

We are having issues. Technically speaking.

The internet situation: dismal.
My phone: frequently out of order.
The electricity: here and there.
AFN (our TV connection): non-functioning for…6 months…I think. And counting.
The water: off for periods of time. When it does come back, it's a lovely sepia poop color. It's as wonderful as it sounds.

Today, I have the internet "technical" person coming to our place for the 3rd day in a row. He arrives by taxi and never has the necessary tools to fix whatever our problem is. I think it is time to make the much debated change to another internet company. It pains me a little on principle to pay $900 dollars to set up, what could be, another non-working service…but c'est la vie au Congo. I am pathetically desperate to get the internet up today. Of course, to communicate with all my loved ones. But also, and I'll add, quite important, I need to start the 3 day download of the latest Lost episode. I need to find out about that dang island.

So, I write this entry…In Congo, sitting at our dining room table, with no electricity, my laptop battery fading, and my phone informing me in indignant French that "my call can not be placed at this time". I hope to post this online later today from the embassy.


We have officially switched internet companies. I am already impressed with the improvement. This new company has actual office space. And they arrived in their own vehicle. Fancy.


  1. Your loved ones are thinking of you

    Stephen and Wendy

  2. Yay for internet companies that actually provide, you know, the internet. :)

  3. It's Lori, by the way. I didn't realize I was logged in as my blogger address.