Friday, April 30, 2010

Congo Update

-There are times when I reach my Congo limit for the day. Yesterday was one of those times. The morning: asphyxiated by black exhaust smoke in the face, burning trash smoke everywhere, and a decent size splash of dirty Congo street water on the clothes. Afternoon: sitting in traffic, trying unsuccessfully to ignore the street kids bouncing on the car, wanting to give them food/money but not wanting to start a riot, more traffic, more people in need, more deteriorating buildings, a couple near high-speed car crashes. Evening: reprimanded by Congolese soldier for taking a picture of the sky, brownish water in the faucet, and a huge bug in the kitchen. So far, today is better.

-I am not Japanese. I am also not Chinese. This is a fact that most Congolese can not seem to grasp. I tell them I am American and I leave it at that. I could be helpful and tell them that I am "an American with Korean heritage" but I feel like they can figure it out on their own and, if they can't, they deserve to be confused on this one.

-One of the street kids we see all the time calls Henry "Colonel". Last time we saw him, Henry told him he was recently promoted to General. General Henry. I think it must be the haircut.

-This week at the market, I wanted to buy a melon. I found out it was $20 and then I didn't want it that much anymore. Instead, I bought frozen spinach for $11 dollars. Oye.

-Lately, it has been very very hot and humid. Sophie isn't a fan. She taps out of our walks early by just laying down and refusing to go any further. I can't say that I blame her at all.

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