Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Congo Update

-Next Friday, the Ambassador’s residence is hosting an art show. I will be submitting a couple of the recent paintings I have done. Hopefully no one will point and laugh.

-Yesterday, I sat in traffic for 3 hours. It should have taken about 15 minutes. I used to think traffic in DC was bad. Sadly, the beltway is now a fond memory. Massive potholes, corrupt police, a million pedestrians, deteriorating roads, missing roads, and 80% of the cars ready to break down at any second are all contributing factors that create this Rubik's Cube of a traffic situation. Oh, and probably the human traffic lights don’t help either.

-In related news, it seems they have actually started to paint road lines on part of the main boulevard. Again, it remains to be seen if this is purely aesthetic or if this new addition will help establish a small sense of order. The trick is getting people to stay within the lines. It’s a good start though. It makes a certain amount of sense to delineate what is supposed to be a four lane road. To be honest, at this point, I am not too optimistic. It’s pretty rare to even stay on the correct side of the road, never mind in your own little lane.

-Lately, I have been seeing billboards promoting Akon. Could we be so lucky as to have Akon in Congo? First: Sisqo…Now: Akon? Who’s next? Bobby Brown?

-One of the security guards at our residence is named “Bob”. I find this amusing for some reason. But the best name winner has to go to the gardener. His name is “Beefy”.