Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Congo Update

-I am trying to download the latest episode of Lost from itunes. Currently, the download has 348 hours left. How depressing is that?

-Today is extremely hot and humid. Shocking, I know, since we live on the equator. But I feel like it's worth mentioning because today seems especially equator-ey. I miss the cool east coast weather.

-Congo has turned me into an online shopping extraordinaire. Mostly out of neccessity, but partly because it's fun, I now buy everything online. Clothes, dvds, books, groceries, shampoo...you name it. I used to confuse Amazon with Ebay and never used either because I thought (ridiculously) that I would end up with a box of paper clips instead of the pair of jeans I ordered. Now I am an Amazon addict. Seriously. I am 2 purchases away from needing a 12 step program.

Though I do have one bone to pick with Amazon. Anyone who uses Amazon is probably familiar with their thing called the "PayPhrase". This is a feature on Amazon that let's you assign a phrase (like "Our Africa Address") to particular payment and shipping information for fast checkout. When you go to Amazon, they like to suggest possible PayPhrases for you in a little box on the side of the website. I believe their suggestions are randomly generated. But lately I question this as two of the recent suggestions for me have been "Jenn's Short Legs" and "Jenn's Sweet Dump". Honestly!? What the heck. I think I may be a little offended.

-Apparently, while I was away, a movie theatre opened in Kinshasa. It will be interesting to see what is playing there. Probably not Avatar in 3D.

-Exciting news. The Lost download is now at 112 hours. Things are looking up.

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  1. Jen - glad you are back posting witty things that I love about life in the Congo. Don't feel too bad about the Amazon thing. I hear it's a problem with people like us :0) And the movie theater is actually pretty cool. The guy running it does have one pair of 3D glasses to watch Avatar with - but he doesn't bring them since he doesn't have enough to share. I'm willing to pay a couple bucks extra just to get my hands on them though :) Looking forward to catching up tonight!