Monday, March 29, 2010

Back in Congo


I am back in Congo.

Just as peachy as I left it.

On the plus side, I am beyond happy to be back with Henry and Sophers. It had been awhile. Also, I came back to find a wickedly awesome gretting from our domestique, Emery. Along with flowers, he made a little sign that read:

Madame Jennifer.
I wish you, me, Boss Henry, and my family Good Come Back.
Thank you. Emery.

Love that guy.

On the minus side, I have not been able to get on board with Congo time at all since returning. After the 2 days of traveling and the time change, I am completely off any type of sleep schedule. I have been staying up all night - wide awake - and then falling asleep during the day, usually midst some sort of activity. This narcoleptic/vampire behavior will hopefully come to an end soon.