Monday, February 22, 2010

R&R: Update

First up: Park City, Utah

As far as destinations go, Park City is about as un-Kinshasa as you can get. I love it there.

After spending a week skiing and staying at a great townhouse, I was ready to set up permanent residence. In fact, I still think it's a brilliant idea. Everyone there is so friendly and relaxed and no one tried to break into the car while I was sitting in traffic.

It's a highly awesome place and my feelings of love for Park City were confirmed when the city bus driver (on the free bus I might add) dropped us off at the mountain and told me to "rip it up". And, as many of you know, I am rarely a rip-it-up type of person but I felt a strong desire not to disappoint him.

Next: Back to Massachusetts

I think Henry's goal while he is home is to see how many times he can fit Chipotle into a two week time period. Personally, I think it's a waste of calories but Henry thinks it's the Holy Grail of food.

Being home is great. I am loving the snow and the lack of burning piles of trash. So far, more highlights include:
  1. Using water right from the tap! And not going completely spastic when I accidentally swallow a drop of water in the shower.
  2. Learning my mom likes Lady GaGa.
  3. Driving without the fear of committing vehicular manslaughter at every turn. Apparently, Congo never got the "look both ways before you cross" memo. Among many (many) other missing memos.
So, Congo, I don't miss you quite yet. I'll be back but until then I am going to try my best to soak up all things America. Tonight's agenda will include some A+ couch-potatoey-ness watching the Olympics and some possible HGTV. If truly lucky, maybe some Deadliest Catch or Dexter will be on. Such excitement.