Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hello first world!

I love me some America! We are back in the States for our first R&R visit and, let me just say, it's pretty flippin' fantastic.

A couple things I have noticed immediately:
  1. I am really really cold. No, a better word would be 'freezing'. I am really really freezing.
  2. The roads are incredible! I can't believe we can drive in a straight line without incurring whip lash or shaken adult syndrome. Who knew smooth pavement could bring me such excitement?
  3. The food! And in particular: sushi! And I also have a newfound deep love for the grocery store. I will probably embarass myself by hypnotically staring at all the vegetables and fruit options in the produce section. You mean I can get whatever I want when I want it? Marvelous.
  4. Americans don't speak French as their primary language. I keep stopping myself from saying "Bonjour", and the other 8 French words I know, to everyone I encounter in Massachusetts. I have forgotten a few times and hopefully people don't think I am a complete pretentious mental patient.
  5. Everything is so clean! No burning piles of trash!

So, in summation, I am loving being back. Can't wait for day #2 of vacation!

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