Monday, January 18, 2010

Another Congo Update

-It's raining mangos. The driveway is covered with fallen mangos and it neither looks nor smells good. It's also not a great idea to stand under a mango tree nowadays. The mangos are quite heavy and will fall suddenly from the branches. Sophie almost got clobbered by a mango yesterday. It landed with a loud thud next to her and she looked at me like, "what kind of place is this?".

-This weekend we are headed back to see the freaky little bonobo monkeys again. Some new diplomats have just arrived in Kinshasa and we figured the best way to start them out is with some monkey debauchery. I'll report back on any particularly scandalous behavior (from the monkeys).

-The other day on the river walk a random Congolese police officer handed Henry a bill for various personal expenses. Henry politely declined to pay.

-Another day on the river walk the Republican Guard soldiers asked me to give them Sophie. They said she could live with them in their tent. I'm pretty sure that is a sizable step down for Sophie in terms of quality of life. I gave them an evil stare and told them they absolutely could not have my dog.

-Henry and I recently watched Hotel Rwanda and Ghosts of Rwanda. Perhaps not the most comforting choices. Especially at the end when both remind us that "the genocidal rebels were pushed out of Rwanda and into...the Congo". That's just fantastic.