Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Congo Update

-Found dead bat on porch. Looks gross. Is gross. Did you know that bat poop is called guano? Apparently, this is common knowledge.

-Called new internet company to inquire about changing our service. They sent 5 people over. 4 and a half of them completely useless. Around $750 to set up, $220 a month...still undecided if it's worth switching companies.

-The Congolese soldiers on the river walk have acquired a monkey. It was on a leash and tied to a tree. I really hope it's not food. Sophie and I may stage a rescue tonight.

-Word on the street is there might actually be fireworks for New Years Eve here. Not sure if explosive devices and Congo go well together. Hopefully the fireworks don't consist of the soldiers shooting their AK-47s in the air.

-This week I experienced my first foray into the Congo nightclub scene. The forecast? Slightly ordinary with a few scattered Congolese hookers. Interesting experience but will most likely not become a part of our regularly scheduled programming.

-Also, and weirdly random, it seems that Sisqo had a concert last week in the parking lot of the nearby Grand Hotel. Yes, the Thong Song has finally made it to Congo.

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