Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sophie and the Congo

Poor Sophie. Sadly for her, she had the least amount of say regarding the move to Congo. When we first arrived here, she was pretty mad at us. And rightfully so. Her case against us was pretty strong. Some of our offenses included, but were not limited to: locking her in a crate and flying her halfway across the world; forcing her to leave her best friend Sadie and her little life in Maryland; facing the fact that she now lives in...Congo.

Three months later and Sophie is settling in and doing well. She seems to have forgiven us for the whole Air France incident and appears to enjoy scaring the blank out of every Congolese person she meets (most Congolese are very afraid of dogs, especially crazy ones like Sophie who try to kiss them on the mouth). Here, she has the ability to part crowds like Moses and the Red Sea. It's actually quite useful.

Congo highlight: swimming in the Ambassador's pool.

The first days were rough...

I hate my parents.

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