Monday, November 9, 2009

Kinshasa Zagats Guide: La Piscine

Kinshasa: Day #1
I will never ever eat anything that was cooked, grown or sold here. No thank you to food poisoning and belly worms.

Kinshasa: Day #85
The rules are not as strict. While there are still many things here that scare me away, we have actually found that there are some decent restaurants here. By Kinshasa standards anyways.

La Piscine is a Greek restaurant we have gone to a couple of times. There is a big pool in the middle (hence the name) and it's a weird little oasis steps away from the dirty streets. A lot of the restaurants are like that here. Driving by, most places seem...icky. But, once you get through the gates, it's often surprising what you can find. Surprising, but not transferable to the United States. It's still Kinshasa.

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