Monday, November 23, 2009

Cercle Hippique

Today we went to the nearby equestrian club, Cercle Hippique, and went on a trail ride through the forest. On the Congo excursion barometer, this one ranks pretty high. The club takes very good care of the horses and the grounds are beautifully kept.

The trail ride was a lot of fun. We had a guide and meandered around some back paths for about an hour or so. Also, since pesky things like lawsuits and waivers don't exist here in Kinshasa, we were able to go as fast as we wanted to on some parts. I would do this every day. It was awesome and I definitely want to come back often. I used to ride a lot and I think I am also going try to use the jumping course sometime.

While we were at the club, we found out one of the horses was for sale. Though tempted, something tells me this is probably the last thing I need at the moment. Plus, I doubt either the horse or Sophie would like sharing a crate together on the flight to the next post.

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