Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Thieves Market

Aptly named, the Thieves Market is an interesting place to shop. Need a wood carving? A preserved tarantula? Local art? Old Zaire money? The ever popular ivory? Yes, friends, you can get all that and much more.

Though lacking a bit in the curb appeal department, the Thieves Market consists of two rows of tables, underneath a corrugated tin roof, and also an open area where you can buy things like paintings, monkeys, and African Grey parrots*.

While we were at the Thieves Market I purchased a wood carving of a giraffe at one of the first tables we stopped at. From then on, I was known as "a person who likes to buy giraffes" and everyone tried their darnedest to sell me a complete herd of wooden giraffes. I think the price for a small wooden giraffe started at about $20 USD but I eventually "negotiated" down to $5 for two. Someone also tried to charge me $100 USD for taking his picture with my own camera but I also "negotiated" with him and worked out the price to $0 USD.

All in all, it was a good experience and I am glad we went. Also, FYI, everyone this year will be getting a wood giraffe for Christmas, along with a bottle of Purell.

*The animals make me very sad, especially the monkeys. Not that I am a huge monkey fan. In fact, I think they are creepy little animals that know way too much about the use of thumbs. But, nonetheless, I don't want to see them suffer or abused. If Planet of the Apes ever happens now, I have seen first hand why. It makes me want to start my own Escape to Chimp Eden.

And just for the record, this man sells fabric, not monkeys!