Monday, September 21, 2009


Here is an example of a Kinshasa cab. They are always packed full of people, always in pretty poor condition, and always something I would never want to be in.

In clown-car style, loads of people pour in and out of these vehicles. I have seen people riding on top of the roof, hanging off the back, and sitting on one another (see above).

From what I can gather, I think the system works like this:
  1. You need a ride somewhere.
  2. Stand on the side of the road and shake your hand at one of the vans (sort of like you are miming throwing dice).
  3. Passengers already in the van will yell out where they are headed to...
  4. If their destination sounds good, you are in business!
  5. Try to find a spot in/on/attached to the van.
  6. Done!
Price system unknown at present. Also unknown is what happens if there are multiple destinations. Will find out and report back!