Thursday, May 7, 2009

Getting closer...

Leaving for Paris and Kinshasa on August 5!


  1. We are so excited for you and so thankful for Skype! Needless to say, we will miss all of you like crazy! And, I am bookmarking this blog!

    We love you!
    Mom and Dad (aka Wendy and Stephen)

  2. Okay.. I can't find where to comment on the packing this will have to do. Henry.. is anything ever really out of your reach? You're a giant! I blame Sophie.

  3. I can only imagine how busy and overwhelmed you both are! I'm super excited for you as you start out on this incredible adventure.
    Very thankful for the blog so we can stay updated on your lives in Kinshasa.
    Love from Aunt Maxine (aka Auntie Wierdest)